Our Summer of Love - Picture Post!

Taylor and I were blessed with spending the whole of Summer 2013 together! I'm sure anyone in a long-distance relationship will sympathise with how special this is, and we got to spend just under three months together!! Tay came to me in England and looking back, it is amazing how much stuff we did over the time and all the memories we created! So we wanted to share all our special memories and our favourite pictures from the summer in a picture post :)

Taylor arrived in England on 1st June and I met her at the airport with a huge bunch of flowers! We were both thrilled to be reunited, having not seen each other since the last day of April.

We spent the first three weeks in London! We did some amazing things, like going to the boat races at Henley with my parents.

I also took Taylor to a Moulin Rouge sing-a-long at the awesome Prince Charles Cinema. It's her favourite movie and I surprised her with tickets!

In our third week in London, Taylor's sister Paige and her boyfriend MJ came to stay with us in London! We super enjoyed having them to stay, and we really enjoyed taking them sightseeing - it's always so much fun to do the tourist activities! We went loads of places, including Harrods, Buckingham Palace and the Natural History Museum, where we saw some awesome dinosaurs and, our personal favourite, Chi-Chi the panda!

After Paige and MJ left, the lease ended on the flat I lived in last year and so Taylor and I went to stay in a house my parents own in the countryside! It's in Wiltshire where I went to boarding school, so it was nice (and kind of surreal!) to show Taylor where I spent my school days. We loved our time in the country. The weather was amazingly hot, and we spent a lot of time laying out, relaxing and making romantic dinners. We also enjoyed some of the local attractions, such as going for afternoon tea and attending the local church, which, despite me being the reason we go to church, I think Taylor loved even more than me!

We then headed back to London for a week, as we both had internships. We also enjoyed some theatre trips in the evenings, including seeing the Menier Chocolate Factory's mind-blowing production of musical of The Color Purple.

It was then back to Marlborough for us! We just had a few days there before we went on holiday with my dad and sister, but we made the most of it, even getting in a trip to Stonehenge!

Taylor and I then headed off for a ten day holiday with my sister and my dad! We went to Tresco in the Isles of Scilly off Cornwall. We had to go there on an airplane (the tiniest excuse for an airplane you ever saw!) but that was really cool because Taylor and I had seen each other off at airports many times but had never actually been on a plane together before!! My family have been going to Tresco since I was about four years old, but it was Taylor's first time. It was really special for me to bring her, because since I was a child I'd always imagined myself bringing my partner there when I was grown up. We had the best time, going on long beautiful walks and we even got Taylor behind the wheel of my dad's boat!

After we came back from Tresco, we spent a week staying in my parents' house in London! We squeezed in some London-based stuff we'd been wanting to do. I took Taylor to her first football match, at Wembley (which I think she found quite the experience!), we had a gorgeous brunch at one of my favourite restaurant's Bill's, we stopped by our favourite bookstore Gay's The Word and went for an amazing Prosecco-fuelled picnic in Regent's Park (which begun our Regent's Park OBSESSION!!).

We then went back down to Wiltshire for another week. It was our last time on our own there this trip, so we made sure to enjoy it, and we finally went on a walk in the beautiful Savernake Forest, which we'd been saying we'd do since the beginning of summer!!

We then came back to London to move into my NEW FLAT!! We were so thrilled on the night we moved in to see the previous tenant's had left us an amazing bottle of Taittinger! We spent the first week enjoying the flat and getting acquainted with the area ;)

We came back down to Wiltshire to go to a family reunion my parents were having (during which I got Tay playing some croquet!). We also took Tay to Pizza Express (an English staple!) for the first time ever on her first day there!! It was really really lovely to have Taylor there with all my family - it meant a lot to me.

We then finally returned to London! We spent our last week doing lots of wonderful London things - we went to the West End to see Noel Coward's Private Lives, went to Regent's Park again (several times!), picnicked and went for walks by the Thames and went to famous jazz bar Ronnie Scott's. We also had a beautiful day celebrating our one year anniversary, which you can read about and see pictures from here.

Of course our last day came around all too soon. We spent our last day together at home as it was raining, and we had an indoor breakfast picnic next to the very large window in my front room.

We feel so lucky and blessed to have had such an amazing and beautiful summer, together. We will be reunited in December for Christmas in England and are counting down the days.

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