The Five Best Things About Alex Samuel

I know I’ve gone on and one about how wonderful Alex is and how lucky I am to have such a wonderful partner. Ever wonder why I’m so in love? Here’s a list (in no particular order!) of why Alex is the most amazing person I know.

1. Generous, Genuine and Gigantic Heart: Alex’s heart is huge. I am constantly spoiled by surprise cards, little notes, flowers, and gifts that are “just because.” There is no task that is too small or big as far as Alex is concerned. If I need a magazine called in order to find whom I should address a letter to, Alex is on it with no questions asked. If I overslept and am frantically preparing for my day, Alex enters the room with a fresh cup of coffee complete with two sugars and cream (my favorite). But Alex’s generous heart doesn’t only exist within our relationship. I’ve never seen someone treat his or her families with such care, respect, and love. A stranger drops a dollar on the tube, Alex chases her down in order to return the little green note.

2. Funny, Charming, and Socially Skilled: I know, I know. This one is kind of cheating cause it’s three! But they’re all kind of similar, amiright? Alex is always making me laugh. From silly choreographed dances to hilarious retellings of a conversation at uni, when we’re talking, I can guarantee there is a smile on my face. But beyond that, Alex has charm. It’s an almost indescribable quality that makes my heart skip a beat Car doors are opened for me and champagne bottles are presented as beautiful surprises. Oh, and did I mention that Alex is amazing with people? There is never an awkward moment or uncomfortable silence when Alex is in the room. I always feel honored to introduce Alex as my partner.

3. Talented: From writing amazing articles to putting together entire pieces of IKEA furniture alone, Alex has countless skills. I love that anything Alex decides to do will get done. The essay for uni, earning money for our international travel, finding the perfect gift, decorating beautifully and everything in between. Creative, capable, and strong. *swoon*

4. Intelligent and fascinating: I have never been bored in Alex’s company. From political ideals to fiction novels and feminism to XFactor, Alex is able to articulate and share fascinating opinions and insights about all topics. I am constantly stimulated and find myself thinking in new ways as a result of our conversations.

5. Patient and Stable: Bills paid? Check. Laundry completed? Check. Doors locked at night? Double check. Lunches made? Triple check. I am so appreciative of Alex’s ability to effortlessly tackle everyday tasks. These are perhaps my most hated kind of tasks and are a constant struggle in my day to day life, but Alex steps in, takes control and somehow makes it all look so easy.

In summary, life is infinitely better when Alex is by my side.

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