My Restaurant Rage: Is it worth eating up your wallet on??

I have always been someone who enjoys eating out. I used to prefer it to eating at home but more recently I've become kind of disillusioned about it. Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoy it, but if I'm going to pay for someone else to cook for me, I want a really nice experience!

The fact is, eating out is overpriced: you literally end up paying about four times the price of what the food cost to make, and that's in a reasonably priced restaurant. When I'm eating out, I try and make sure I order something I couldn't just make myself at home, for cheaper and more to my personal taste.

There are a few things which I just don't think anyone should order and honestly when I see them on a menu, I'm just like, "Really?!" They are so simple that anyone could make them, regardless of ability, and making them yourself will really save you soooo much £££/$$$.

1) Coffee
I'm kind of weirdly passionate about not buying coffee. If I ever end up meeting someone in a coffee shop, I have to buy something like a chai latte, which I do not have the facility to make at home. I've been mocked throughout my time at university for owning a cafetiere and making real coffee at home. However, I'm going to argue I was actually just being savvy and amazing with money.

In the UK, in Starbucks, the price of a coffee ranges from £1.75 to £3.50. Even if you buy an expensive brand of ready ground beans to make at home, such as Taylors, it will cost you £3.49. So yes, you could be paying less for a posh pack of coffee than the price of one Starbucks drink. A pack the size of Taylors' packs lasts me a week and a half, and I like go crazy piling the coffee into my cafetiere. And if you don't have a cafetiere (wow, don't think I've ever used this word so many times in one go!), you can buy them for as cheap as a fiver on amazon. I even have one which looks like an alien. You could be as cool as me AND saving money.

"But, Alex!" I hear the masses cry in indignation. "I don't have time to drink my coffee in the morning! And anyway, I want to drink it on the go/in the office/in class!" My recommendation for you then is buy an on-the-go mug. I have a really sleek sexy Starbucks mug, which I literally feel so cool being out with. It keeps my drinks almost too hot and not to jinx it but in the year I've owned it, it hasn't spilt once. I bought mine in a Starbucks in California; it was fairly pricey at about $17 but it was an actual investment.

2) Breakfast Foods
I genuinely get rage when I see the things some restaurants put on breakfast menus. "Breakfast like a king!" Costa are currently declaring. Now I may be weird, but personally a £5 pre-made egg sandwich and one cup of coffee which is, let's face it, on the small side, ain't a kingly breakfast in my opinion. I'll feel infinitely more kingly in my PJs eating double the amount for third of the price.

My breakfast bothers do not stop there. Oh no. Another of my biggest annoyances is eggs. You are really going to charge me £5 for eggs ON THEIR OWN??! A pack of 10 free-range costs about £3.50! I'm also super bothered when people put things like yoghurt and granola on menus. Oh my God. I'm not paying you five pounds for yoghurt and granola. Get real. What really takes the cake is when you can get a FULL COOKED BREAKFAST for only about £2 more! Do I look stupid? I'll pay my £2 extra and have my beans and hash browns and tomatoes and sausage and toast and mushrooms, cheers very much.

3) Pasta
Now I know that sometimes menus have genuinely fancy pasta dishes, which take skill to make. Therefore I am not talking about all pasta dishes. But when you're trying to charge me around EIGHT POUNDS for pasta with tomato sauce? Um... no???

4) Bottled water
If I end up having to buy water out, I always buy sparkling water because then at least I'm not paying for something which is already in my taps. Buying a water bottle is another awesome investment, which will work much better for you than refilling a disposable one. They're healthier, they hold more, they don't get cracked or damaged.

Best of all, cafes will fill them up for you with tap water. The majority of places such as Pret a Manger and Starbucks are told they are not allowed to refill disposable bottles, but they don't mind refilling reusable bottles. This one time, in Pret, I had my partner's reusable bottle and my sister-in-law's disposable bottle to refill. Pret took not being allowed to fill disposable bottles SO SERIOUSLY that they filled the reusable bottle, encouraged me to go outside and sneakily pour it into the disposable one and then refilled the reusable one. That's a serious rule.

5) Sandwiches
I used to hate sandwiches, but now I'm a totally convert. Alex Of The Past thought they were dry and boring, however, I now respectfully disagree. If you're like me and you find normal bread can be too thick, I suggest buying pre-cut rolls or even wraps to make your sandwiches in. If you find them dry, I recommend hummus as a base. You can then be so inventive with fillings! You can put most any veggies on sandwiches, as well as things like falafel and chutneys. You can even get vegetarian lunch meat. Quite literally, I eat hummus wraps for lunch everyday and I genuinely get excited to eat them EVERYDAY (is this a weird thing to confess?) Plus, you can make your own sandwiches at home for a week on what they'd charge for one at somewhere like Pret a Manger... and it'll taste fresher.

Agree? Disagree? Is there anything which will get you seething over a menu? I'd love to hear what you can make better yourself in the comments :D


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