Inspiring Individuals: Sarah and Laura

We are so excited to publish our first Inspiring Individuals feature, and doubly excited that it contains not one, but two individuals! Alex and Tay met with the lovely Sarah and Laura, a fellow British and American couple! We were so inspired to hear about all the amazing travelling they've done over the course of their relationship. They are also engaged to be married this year (congratulations, ladies!) and we just couldn't resist asking for some wedding details from the soon-to-be Mrs and Mrs!

Tell us about how the two of you met!

We met at our first jobs in London. Laura had come over from the USA (she is lucky enough to have a British passport - her Dad's from Brentford). Sarah had just moved from her home town an hour outside of London to try city living. The job was a trader training company and was not at all what either of us was expecting! It was crazy, insane, manic and stupidly long hours. At first we disliked each other - we started a few days apart and Sarah viewed Laura as the loud, obnoxious American and Laura viewed Sarah as a quiet, reserved, slightly stuck up Brit. We avoided each other until we were made to work together on an event. As they say the line between love and hate is a thin one.
It took one day of working together to make us inseparable. 
The differences that annoyed us at a distance meant we complimented each other when working together- a fact that is true to this day. Laura's outgoing, sociable, pretty, creative, brilliant at planning and coming up with ideas, Sarah is logical, kind, thoughtful, witty and amazing at getting things done- a complete team!

Tell us about the different places you've lived/worked.

Having met at a crazy job we both decided that we needed a break and recharge so using our savings, Laura's Australian passport & Sarah on a visa we headed to Australia. After travelling from Adelaide to Melbourne we ended up in Sydney - Manly to be precise.
We shared a flat with a guy we rarely saw and were lucky enough to have beaches both ends of the road and Laura's grandparents just over an hours drive away. 
We also had Laura's best friend from childhood just down the road so the 10 months we spent living there were amazing. We did manage to get as far up as Byron Bay and even did a tour of New Zealand - our favourite holiday destination thus far.

After our Oz trip we headed to Laura's home town of Boise where we stayed for a couple of months until our money ran out and Sarah returned back to the UK followed by Laura a few weeks later and it's the UK we've made our home. From here we have travelled to Moscow, Russia, Cairo, Egypt, Koh Samui, Thailand, Iceland, more than a few European destinations with Naples being a highlight and quite a few of the US states - but Idaho will always be our second home!

It's not long till your wedding! Tell us a bit about the plans...

The wedding planning itself has been a great team work experience. From our initial plans to the smallest of our suggestions we have worked with our wedding planner to put together a wedding week. It will start with a bachelorette in Vegas, continue with a trip to Laura's home town and then our ceremony will be held in the beautiful Garden Valley surrounded by the mountains of Idaho. We can't wait to show our friends (and families) the place we love so much.

And what are you most looking forward to about married life?

Sarah: I'm looking forward to the actual act of making the public declaration of our unity in front of our friends and family. I also can't wait to call her my wife, it sounds so official and proper!

Laura: Having the same last name! Proving we are just as much of a family as we feel. And knowing I get to share everything with Sarah for the rest of our lives.

Do you have any advice you would give your younger selves?

Care less about what people think. That's not to say care less about others but I was such a goody two shoes, I always wonder what would have happened if I wasn't. In some ways I think if I had rebelled at all my parents may have taken my coming out better, it blindsided them and wasn't expected at all. Sometimes setting high expectations for yourself and others sets you up for disappointment.
Worry less and smile more, it's something we try to follow together.
We really loved chatting to Sarah and Laura! You can check out their blog at and also follow them on twitter.

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