Alex and Tay Tackle the Oscar's Best Dressed: Menswear and Womenswear

The Oscar's has been a hot topic in the world of Alex and Tay this year! Earlier this week, we discussed Jared Leto's win and transphobia, and we're now ready to tackle something that might be even more controversial... the Oscar's "Best Dressed"! Alex uncovers the best dressed stars in menswear while Tay takes on the ladies.

Alex says...


People say black tie for men is boring and it most certainly isn’t. It’s a beautiful look but in its classic form, it is quite constrictive. I was therefore really excited to see so many men get adventurous with their looks at the 2014 Academy Awards. There were some fabulous examples of the traditional tuxedo – Leonardo DiCaprio wore a perfectly fitted Armani tux with patent shoes like he was born to do it – but My Top 4 has to go to those who were a little more experimental.

1) Matthew McConaughey
I really loved Matthew’s white tux. It jazzed up his look and made it pop, without veering from being elegant and classic. I think he could have gone for a more fitted look on his trousers but his Dolce & Gabbana jacket was a beauty. Those sleek shiny ivory lapels – I’m, like, swooning.
2) Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen had multiple looks throughout the night (SO excited to write that about a woman in menswear!) and my favourite was hands down her velvet tuxedo. Let me just die a little over her jacket. It was the Yves Saint Laurent Le Smoking in blue velvet: the blue was so deep and the velvet was so subtle and beautifully crafted that at first glance, the effect is just a glow. Her white neck tie was also a sweet, romantic twist.

3) Will Smith

Will demonstrated another inventive spin on his Berluti wool and mohair tuxedo, by wearing his shirt open collared with an absolutely beautiful charcoal silk neckerchief. To pull off wearing an open collar to a black tie event takes real class. Also his shoes! Let me just pick myself up off the floor because they were gorgeous, and my favourites I saw on the red carpet – stunning black velvet dress slippers with piping. If you’re over them, Will, I’ve got a good home for them. Just saying.

4) Woody Harrelson

Woody had a tuxedo custom made by Burberry from hemp. That’s enough to make my Best Dressed as it is. He pulled off polished and eco-friendly! I don’t really approve of wearing a classic necktie as opposed to a bow tie to a black tie event, but Harrelson’s actually made his outfit for me. The cute little gold peace sign on his black tie was a really subtle, classy, yet fun, detail.


Tay says...


There was no shortage of breath-taking dresses at this year’s Oscars.  Notoriously known as the “classy” event of Awards Season, the women on the red carpet were flawless in floor length gowns of every color and cut.  The one thing they all had in common? Effortless beauty.  Picking a top four was challenging, but these women truly killed it in couture. Honorable mentions: Amy Adams and Julia Roberts.

1) Lupita Nyong’o

Like a gorgeous fairytale princess come to life, Luptia stunned in her flowing, light blue gown by Prada. Although her posed pictures are beautiful, the true magic occurred in motion—the dress came to life and seemed to float around her like a cloud. *swoon*

2)  Kate Hudson

If Luptia is a fairytale Princess, then Kate is the Queen.  Dressed in a shimmering white Versace gown, complete with a cape-like back and regal pose, Kate was the definition of elegant.  The cut suited her body beautifully and there was an undeniable luxury associated with the waves of white cascading down her frame.

3. Anne Hathaway

For reasons unknown to me, Anne found herself on the receiving end of some serious backlash this year.  Nonetheless, she arrived at the Oscars looking like epitome of perfection.  Her classic black dress by Gucci was given a facelift with a breastplate of shimmering silver.  That’s right “Hathahaters,” she’s ready for you.

4. Bette Midler

 In a gorgeous orange-based red and nude gown by Reem Acra, Bette was a breath of fresh air.  Looking an enviable mixture of fun, beautiful and sexy, she was a true star. 

Who do you think was the best dressed in menswear and womanswear at the Oscars? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I think Bettie Midler's dress is gorgeous, it's so romantic and classy...



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