Summer 2014 Update + One Week Until Alex Moves to L.A.!

Alex and Tay Everyday took a major hiatus for the past few months. Between a BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR visit from Alex in April, finishing the year at UCLA, working and Alex's senior year dissertation, spring seemed to fly right on by.

Summer brought a lot of changes for both of us. I (Tay) packed up my Los Angeles apartment and drove cross country with my sisters to spend the summer at my parent's house in a small town in Oklahoma. Although I had visited a few times before, living in the Midwest for almost three months and working as a lifeguard at the local pool was truly a cultural experience. (My parents moved from Southern California to the Midwest last summer for my stepdad's job)

While I worked in Oklahoma and spent some glorious quality time with my family, Alex spent the summer in London, living in a beautiful flat, working part time as a personal assistant and spending spare moments with family and friends before the big move on September 6th to LOS ANGELES!

Although we had to spend the summer apart for financial reasons (I needed to stay in America to earn money for the upcoming year and sadly, without a visa, there is no legal way to work in England), this summer turned out to be exactly what we both needed: a chance to recharge and regroup before the next chapter in our life begins: living together in Los Angeles! Now that we're less than a week away from my flight back to Los Angeles and Alex's flight across the world, it seemed like the perfect time to reflect on our beautiful summers. 

Tay's Summer:

Pride Parade!

At The Abbey with Rach (aka: the most amazing human)

Summer was officially kicked off with L.A. Pride! Although I was technically still in finals (opps) I joined my friends on Pride's final Sunday for a Tequilla fueled day of awesomeness and rainbows.

Best friends since 16

The beautiful graduate!

The first weekend after my last exam for the school year, I headed up to Santa Cruz in Northern California for my friend Olivia's graduation! We've been friends since high school, so watching her walk across the stage was pretty amazing, especially because I know firsthand how hard she's worked to become an engineer. I also got to see another lifelong friend--Kelsey! It was a magical weekend with some of my all time favorite people.

My little sister Paige in her ridiculously hilarious hat

Passing through AZ!

Cute little mini horse at the petting zoo

Next, we hit the road! My two sisters, my sister's boyfriend, my sister's friend and me drove from Los Angeles to Oklahoma in a little less than two days. Driving across Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, we saw a lot of the great American West and even stopped at a deer petting zoo in Arizona!

All of our favorite candy curtesy of my sweet mother!

The banner that greeted us 22 hours later 

My mom!

Our adorable furry baby--Molly!

22 hours later we arrived home in Oklahoma! I was so happy to see my beautiful mom and of course, my sweet Collie Molly. My mom is so cute and made us a welcome home banner and an adorable arrangement of our favorite candies! (Pardon my outfit, I was a tiny bit worse for wear, haha)

Family explorations at the lake
Channeling our inner Midwesterner
Mining for salt crystals. I found one!

Lifeguard Tay

Spray painted blue by yours truly

After a few days of exploring the cornfields, caves and salt plains of Oklahoma alongside my family, I started work at the local pool. Despite the fact that the temperature is often over 100 degrees, it's been refreshing to be outdoors each day and play with the kids who are regulars. A few weeks in to the summer, I even introduced recycling to the pool, which was awesome because we sell water bottles and gatorades.

On the porch with my mom at the historic Crescent Hotel


About to zip line through the Ozark forest!

In late July, we headed to Arkansas for a family vacation! From exploring the cute town of Eureka Springs, eating delicious food, relaxing at the lake and even zip lining, it was an amazing time and really nice to spend quality time together.

For the final few weeks of summer, I've been trying to soak up the last bit of family time and packing for the journey back to L.A. I cannot wait to be reunited with Alex and begin our forever together when we FINALLY close the distance in ONE WEEK! Ahhhh!

Stay tuned for Alex's summer picture post!


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