This blog is about Alex & Tay and the love they share between London and L.A.
Alex and Tay are a queer couple and began this blog in August 2013, almost an entire year after meeting, saying goodbye when Taylor left for California, sharing a month in the California sunshine, a magical summer in London, and figuring out the world of long-distance dating and true love along the way. The hope for this blog is queer visibility, documentation of a successful (and happy!) long-distance relationship, and raising awareness of non-gendered relationships.

Alex and Tay met through the university's LGBT society (of which Alex is President!) while Taylor was studying abroad in London. They knew almost instantly that they shared a special connection unlike anything ever experienced before. Less than a week later was their first date on the romantic and glittering Southbank and the sharing of their first kiss (which was simply magical!). About two weeks later, Alex and Tay was officially born by them becoming "official" on Taylor's 20th birthday and they have been loved up ever since. Alex and Tay truly cherish their love and are determined to make long-distance work. After all, true love is a once in a life time experience.

Alex has one more year left of university in London. The current plan is for Alex to move L.A. after graduation and live with Tay and work in the city while she finishes up her final year at UCLA. Taylor is absurdly excited for this to happen and may or may not have already looked at apartments for them to live in. By a massive stroke of luck and/or fate, Alex was actually born in America and because of that possesses dual citizenship. Thankfully, there shouldn't be any visa horror stories when Alex makes the move to the good old U. S. of A.

Alex and Tay are currently doing their final stretch of long distance. They will be reunited permanently in September, after four months apart.

Taylor is an English major living in LA. She is a writer, dog-lover, femme and all round life enthusiast.

Alex is a vegetarian, butch optimist and shopaholic from London, who is also studying English Literature there. Alex blogs about men's fashion at Butch Is Beautiful.

This blog is pro-trans, pro-feminism and pro-bisexuality.

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  1. Aww you guys are such a cute couple! I'm jealous of your relationship :P


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